Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sambalpur Lok Mahotsav already start from January 4th, a cultural and tradition exhibition.

Sambalpur already started the beautiful presentation "Lok Mahotsav" , it is a cultural exhibition where more than 500 folks artistes and different troupes comes across the country to join hands. This is the 21st sambalpur Lok Mahotsav which begin on January 4 and end on January 6th. It is a Great festival of sambalpur.

Sambalpur Lok Mahotsav.

On this special 3 days people get the opportunity to watch different types of dance form like dhap, ghumra, dalkhai, kirtana, pala and many more. From Assam Bihu dance, Ghumar from Haryana, chhau dance from Bengal give the Great attraction. Various peoples come to visit the Great festival Lok Mahotsav.

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