Monday, November 7, 2016

The Leaning Temple of Huma, Sambalpur(odisha)

Huma temple is only 32 km from Sambalpur town, Huma is the only Leaning Temple which is perpendicular to the ground. The temple is dedicated to the hindu God Lord Shiva and situated at the bank of Mahanadi. On that temple beautiful and colourful Kudo fishes are  flowing on Mahanadi river and they never caught because these fishes are believed are belong to Lord Shiva,but the fishes are very friendly to visitors who feed them grain and prasad. Boats are available to travel smoothly on river. Several bus service is there to reach upto Huma Chowk, from huma chowk it is will take 2 km walk to the temple. Visit odisha and reach to the most tourist and Leaning temple of sambalpur.

Huma Temple

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